Lady Gaga Weight Loss

Love her or hate her, you just cannot ignore her!

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, or Lady Gaga, the woman with a unique fashion sense, seems to be in the news all the time!

Lady Gaga weight loss before and after photos

And why not, the 31 years old knows well to keep the audience engaged in her.

The multi-talented, Lady Gaga, is best known for versatility. Be it singing, acting, or songwriting, the woman never fails to amaze us.

But what is juicier about her, is the way she dresses and carries herself.

One can never predict what the woman is up to! From her hair color to her attires, Lady Gaga always come up with something extra ordinary!

The pop icon earned recognition soon after she launched her first album, ‘the fame’ in 2008.

However, she reissued the album as ‘the fame monster’ in year 2009, which too, was a greatest hit!

Interestingly, her focus was not just limited to her singing career, she has always loved ‘experimenting’ her looks and hence, been a topic of discussion every time.

While some just could not digest her atrocious fashion sense, others seems to be inspired by her new looks and ability to look different!

All in all, nothing seems to affect or stop her from being herself.

With over 56 million followers on Facebook and 76 million followers on Twitter, Lady Gaga is one American singer with strongest fan base across the borders!


Lady gaga pose in underwearThe Grammy-winning singer, as stated earlier, loves to look different. And to give herself a complete transformation, she decided to lose weight in the yesteryears.

The news came as a shock for most of her fans as she was totally in love with her curves and seemed too confident to flaunt it everywhere.

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So, Lady Gaga weight loss too, surprised most of us!

The ‘Do What You Want’ girl proved that she can redefine her body, the way she wants!

Lady Gaga before and after photos depict that the singer has worked really hard this time.

As per the reports, she has actually dropped a total of 25 pounds from her efforts. Well, we do not doubt that as the lady looks too skinny these days.

As per a source, she has invested a great deal of time on her body and has made it by pushing too hard in the gym.

It has been said that apart from yoga, other things that have worked for her is a balanced diet and Soulcycle.

But despite looking too skinny these days, it seems that the singer is yet not done with her weight loss efforts.


Lady Gaga, on several counts, have expressed the confidence she has in her body.

lady gaga super bowl 2017

She believes that we should always love and value ourselves no matter what. She strictly discourages crash dieting, which, according to her, do the greatest damage our body.

Lady Gaga further expressed her love for herself, and that she also accepts her imperfections.

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She further proclaimed to be happy for whoever she is, and whatever her size is.

Even though, the woman has the sense of self-acceptance, this does not indicate that she is carefree about her lifestyle.

She does follow a healthy lifestyle that revolves around balanced eating and exercising.


Age:  31 years old.
Height: 1.55m (5.1” )
Weight loss in yesteryears: 25 pounds
Current weight: 49kg (108 pounds)

 Wondering how Lady Gaga lose weight and what are those ‘efforts’ she takes to stay slim?


lady gaga nude Lady Gaga diet is very balanced and healthy. It is interesting to note that the pop icon takes a portion controlled diet.

Few years back when she over-indulged herself with pasta and pizza, she gained weight and this; let the gossipmongers spread her fake pregnancy news.

However, she soon took charge and started following her old eating habits to lose and control further gaining of weight.

She was once reported to follow 5 Factor Diet, a plan that advises the followers to take two meals, and three munching sessions a day.

The diet plan allows the dieters to select their food from the five given categories and enjoy a cheat day once every week.

The singer loves to have tofu, hummus and salsa as snacks.


Lady Gaga workout encompasses around Yoga and Harley’s fitness routine. Her spectacular abs is a result of crunches!

According to her, she crazily workouts and loves to cross-train herself. This keeps her motivational levels higher and going.

She is fond of exercising and yoga and never misses her sessions no matter what.

The singer is supervised and trained by a professional trainer Harley Pasternak, who has planned a customized workout circuit for her. Lady Gaga, as said, is too regular with her trainings and follow them even when she is out of her comfort zone, touring.

Her fitness circuit takes 25 minutes to be completed which she follows five times a week.


Lady Gaga weight loss

Lady Gaga weight these days is the fruit of constant efforts she takes to stay fit!

She is indeed, a role model for young girls with weight concerns!

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